Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cannabis, Rapture, and Witches, Oh My !

Well behaved women rarely make history. - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
The Cannabis Plant has two sexes that are individualistic in nature, and yet symbiotic in what they do for the earth and all life. The female Cannabis provides medicine, creativity, and spiritual insight, while the male Cannabis provides paper, fiber, fuel, food, and clothing. The yin and the yang working together in harmony replenishing the earth and providing us with our planetary needs for life and well-being. Separate yet unified. Kind of like the original concept of the United States of America.

Are we the grand experiment of unity?     
The past couple of Hollywood Hemptress Hour radio shows have been challenging for me on a personal level. My co-host Craig X Rubin and I have different beliefs about certain topics. He and I both agreed that this duality makes a more interesting show. The entire world is filled with different religions, cultures, politics, and races. My focus is to create a show that respectively explores our diversity under the unification of Cannabis.

 Republicans love weed too!
In this week's show Shilo Jinglefoot not only gives us a G-licious Dishes tasty recipe, but also claims she has been healed by alternative methods including including herbal concoctions made by witches. In the moment of her statement, I felt that Craig x-rcised a condescending attitude toward the word "witch" and the validity of their knowledge and practice of ancient healing methods. Accessing our current health-care system and the corporatism of our pharmaceutical companies I am more inclined to fly with the witches.To listen to Episode:012 Toke and listen now.

My wish is that we stop viewing ourselves and our world in just the spectrum of  black & white. We exist in a template of many colors. We need to take notice of every unique fractal of color, and allow it's true expression, for when we dim the light on others we so do unto ourselves. My intent for the show is to honor the thoughts and ideas of our guests with respect as we pursue the freedom of the Cannabis plant together. The male and female halves of the Cannabis plant work together in a natural balance. I believe it is possible to mirror this reality in our world.