Sunday, May 8, 2011

In Memorium of Blue Iris

Blue Iris at Gay Pride Parade 2008

Two years ago today, our friend Blue Iris passed away. Blue is one of the most inspirational and interesting women I have ever met. The above photo was taken of Blue at the 2008 Pride Parade. She graced us with her presence on our award winning Medical Marijuana float that year. Blue Iris was one of the biggest potheads I have ever known. It was pot and porn for sure.

Blue was an activist for Medical Marijuana, and for those who suffered from HIV and Aids. She was a Mom, a stand-up comedian, a regular on Howard Stern, and a porn star in her 60's. I don't know if it was common knowledge, but she suffered from manic-depression.

Years ago, she underwent electric shock therapy which permanently effected her speech, but that didn't stop Blue Iris. I believe she thought of herself as free to accomplish, and experience anything she wanted to despite her outward limitations. She never conformed to conventionalism and always lived by her own truth.

Happy Mothers Day to our Blue Angel. Today we celebrate your life!


  1. I was honored to call her my friend

  2. I wish I could have met her. This article has me in tears. We love you, Blue!