Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hollywood Hemptress Hour- It's the # 9999!#* Celebration Show!

Today was our 9th show of Hollywood Hemptress Hour. I made a mistake and counted our last show as number 9, but I was wrong, Today was definitely number 9. It is known that the number 9 was a very profound number for John Lennon. He was born on Oct. 9, 1940.  He wrote "Revolution 9", "#9 Dream", & "One after 909".  In numerology the number 9 represents creative, universal consciousness. The Complete Book of Numerology 

To celebrate our # 9999!#* show our co-host Craig X Rubin brought in 4 shot glasses and a bottle of AGWA. A new liquor made from Coca leaves. Craig likes this drink because the color is green, and it was originally banned in the United States. Craig likes anything that the government tries to ban from the people. By the end of the show half of the bottle was gone. Craig is a bad boy sometimes.

Once we had a real good buzz going Lynnette Shaw called in from Marin County. She and 49 other dispensary owners are being targeted by the IRS. Those guys are not fun. They told Lynnette that all of the deductions that she made over the last 12 years as a business owner are now null and void. If you want to save Lynette with a contribution go to Make sure that you specify that the donation is for Lynette Shaw's legal defensed when you contribute. If you want to donate in person, or just by us a cocktail, we will be hanging out Friday night at the infamous Rainbow Bar & Grill.

Craig and I, interviewed Dan Charles Hanken & Tim Ryder. They also enjoyed a couple shots of AWGA with us. Tim Ryder organizes Cannabis Clubs United With the Community, which focuses on upholding our freedom of speech by supporting state Medical Marijuana laws in Eagle Rock California.

Dan plays in a "Grateful Dead" tribute band called "Morning Glory". He brought in his guitar and sang an awesome song about "Cannabis" that Craig X rudely chimed in on.

The # 9999!#* show was super fun. Spiritualist say that the number 9 as a destiny number means the direction of growth in your lifetime will be in benevolent activities, in compassion and in worldly understanding.

I would like to believe that the # 9 simply reminds us to take a breath and "Imagine." Imagine (Deluxe Edition)

Click here to listen to episode #9

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